Mason County offers “Fraud Notify,” a free service that alerts Mason County property owners whenever a document is recorded against their property. This service helps protect them from unauthorized or fraudulent activity. Here’s how it works:

  • Registration: Property owners need to sign up for the “Fraud Notification” service on the Mason County Website. Registration requires basic information such as the property owner’s name, contact details, and property address.

Click to Registration Link

  • Monitoring: Once registered, the service continuously monitors the county’s records for any new documents or changes related to the registered property.


  • Notification: If a document is recorded against the property, such as a deed, lien, or other legal filing, the property owner notified via email.


  • Action: Upon receiving a notification, the property owner can review the recorded document to determine if it is legitimate or if further action is required


By using Mason County’s “Fraud Notify” property owners will be informed of any changes or potential threats to their property rights.  For more information call Land Title Company’s Title Department at 360-426-8288.